I am guilty for what has been done by me. Not what has been done by others!

The Oscars is first and foremost about acting. People get to act what ever part their given, including being a dancer in an Indian dance troupe. That's what acting is. Actors are not meant to be the parts they play, only to act so. This is something basic that the poster ignored for his own self-righteousness.

Self-righteousness has its uses, but the only productive one that is known by me, is that it keeps one warm in a cold environment. Otherwise it is a lot of uselessness that produces nothing but ill will.

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I think the problem is that there's a lack of suspension of disbelief happening with the complaining parties. They want to be transported into their own sacred myth at best, or group identity at worst. This is perfectly normal because the whole point of art is to take one out of this world and into another one and I think what this Hollywood presentation did was to destroy this natural human desire. These Telugu people, like about 3/4 of the planet, don't want to become atomized random particles. And this attitude is very, very hard for modernists to comprehend.

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