Good to see you on Substack again, Don! We missed you, but, if I may speak for my fellow readers, it's good to learn that it was a spate of conducting work that kept you away.

IRT Philip Ewell, it seems that he and those such as Ibram X. Kendi are caught making the same converse error over and over again. That is, if it's true to state, for example, that if there is systemic racism, then there will be racial disparities, it's false to convert that and state that if there are racial disparities, then there must be systemic racism.

I attended a top-notch Midwestern university music school in the before times, and I loved all those courses that you list in your third-to-last paragraph, in particular Schenkerian analysis, and that Ewell would do away with. Furthermore, if I had to do it over again now, I would take the same courses and would reject those new tracks offered by Ewell as substitutions. BTW, in music school I also took ethnomusicology classes, specializing in Hindustani raga music and Javanese gamelan.

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